About Us

Here to educate and support you

Here to help

At The Mortgage Mum Warwickshire, we are here to help you get a mortgage, but not only that. We want to educate, support and take care of you.

Holding your hand throughout the whole process, we will help you navigate your purchase or remortgage with calmness and ease.

As a division of Mortgage Mum we are a part of a multi award winning team, with access to a wide range of lenders and insurance providers.

Get in touch for an initial free, no obligation chat with an advisor to see how we can help. 

The Mortgage Mum company are a team of over 30 female mortgage brokers, with over 60 years experience.

The Mortgage Mum Warwickshire is headed up by Krystle Ward, who has 5 years experience as a mortgage broker and 9 years in the finance industry. Krystle’s passion is helping people and as a self confessed Math’s nerd she is in the career of her dreams.

Having previously worked for a corporate company, Krystle understands the challenges people face when buying properties, particularly when faced with pushy agents who try to force sell their brokers and solicitors.

Krystle puts her clients first in everything she does, getting the best mortgage for their situation, ensuring they are protected from the range of insurers she has access to and only working with local solicitors and surveyors she can really trust to look after her clients.

Frequent Questions

How many lenders do you work with?

We work with a range of over fifty high street and specialist mortgage lenders across the UK, allowing us to find the most appropriate mortgage product for almost every applicant.

What fees can I expect to pay?
At The Mortgage Mum Warwickshire, our initial consultation period is completely free. Your final fee will be confirmed and agreed prior to a Decision in Principle taking place, it will differ dependent on the type of mortgage you require.
What products and services do you provide?

At The Mortgage Mum Warwickshire, we offer full and comprehensive support to our clients. As well as mortgage advice, we can help you to source both personal and business related insurance policies, such as; life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection, relevant life insurance and buildings and contents insurance.

We also offer advice for later life lending, for those people in Coventry and Warwickshire who need advice with equity release, who may be considering a lifetime mortgage or a retirement interest only mortgage or a mortgage into retirement.

We can also refer complex buy to let cases or commercial borrowing to our sister company, Mortgage Mum Specialist Finance, who are appointed representatives of New Leaf.

What type of clients can you help?

We welcome clients from all walks of life at The Mortgage Mum. Our team understands that there really is no typical modern family and no typical career. Despite our many differences, we all need help to find that perfect place we call home.

Our aim is to provide support to anyone who needs our help, but with particular recognition of the fact that mortgages are by no means a ‘one size fits all’ product. Our long list of happy clients include; first time buyers, young people, divorced, separated and single-parent families, investors and pensioners. Whatever your financial or life circumstances, we will do our utmost to fulfil your needs.

How do we differ from other brokers?
As an all-female brokerage, we feel that our services are offered from a place of empathy and understanding. Naming the firm The Mortgage Mum goes further than the literal meaning of a business created by a Mum. We want our clients to feel cared for and offer them a trusted source of advice.

We believe that money is an emotional tool, with which, as people, we can hurt ourselves and each other. We want to help you understand and overcome the hurdles created by money-related habits and behaviours.

We are passionate, enthusiastic women dedicated to promoting more balance, flexibility and equality in the financial services industry. Our goal is to make a difference not only within the industry, but also, the lives of our clients.

Our ethos
The Mortgage Mum is more than just a mortgage broking firm. It is a movement. We are looking to carve a brand-new path in the financial services industry. First, creating space for women in a very male-dominated industry, and secondly supporting flexible working for families across the UK, proving that working flexibly can work well in a role like this.

Amazing customer service, an inspiring flexible working environment and a community of women supporting one another. This is The Mortgage Mum movement.

Who can we support?
  • Self employed mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Bad credit mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • NHS mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • First time buyer Mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Moving home for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Property investing for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Buy to let for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Remortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Lifetime Mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire
  • Retirement interest only Mortgages for people in Coventry and Warwickshire